A real beauty indeed

Autumn color

 Nature Beauty

Autumn  flowers

Nature is changing it's colors

River runs high and wild

Close encounter with a real beauty!

Eagle over head

Mr. Cat owl

Beutiful squirrel

Powerful pine tree

Nice view

Beautiful butterflys

Nature's watching you

Old dead tree

Beatuiful colour

Woodpecker Green

Vetter dancing on water

Beauty of nature

Beautiful afternoon

A hungry sparrowhawk attackes the birds feeding station

Beautiful swans in flight

Hungry sea birds in action

Where did all the birds go?

Fight for life.

Vipers in hot embrace

Starling as a nest builder in action!

Mia & Nam - Nam - Nam

Telma & Louise at Vetterli

Beautiful birds

This year cat owl baby "Charley"


Eagle over head

Then the hawk & the sea bird came to the seane

Eagle and the seagull and a hawk considering each other


Red spider with her youngsters.

Beautiful dangerouse muchroom

Get away from my food basket!

Who are you?

Dangerous nature

Nature miracle

Walk on water

Lost horn

The sparrowhawk & the Magpie in a fight for life

The fight for life.

The magpie loose the fight

It's all over

Beautiful rainbow

Graceful  seabird

Tidy up uin grandpa's boathouse


Keep away from my nest!!

Bumble bee in action

Hawk put eagle to flight

 Silent predator watching the bird fooder in our garden

If they only knew who's watching them

Better watch your footing! viper on the move!!

November moon

Checks food supply

Going south, the summer is over

Hedgehog on our porch


A strange visitor

Busy creature

Mr. Squirrel


Stealth wagtail

Garding his nesting sight

Gold sparrow

Blue wing blackbird pay's a visit

Where are you hiding litle bird's?

My wing commander---!!

The magic our

A   near  collision into my camera!!

And fly's into the sunset


 Who are you??

She's nesting on our porch, and...

she has someone to feed....

A blue titmouse in a busy mode

Swan's flight  over a frozen lak

Eagle overhead

Eagle land in a tree

Duck's in flight

 Water reflection of a heron

 A viper in our barn..

 A cormorant in flight

Anyone seen my head?.. hello?......

Dragenfly "red"

Dragon-fly 2 "brown"

Dragon-fly blue

Young oyster catcher

Looking for goodies

This is life at it's fullest

Moonlight in June

A lonley oyster catcher

I'm so sexy,, yeeeii

Eider duck in flight

A porpoise visit


Fast asleep wolfhoundpuppy

Member of Norwegian Kennel Club

In our breed we follow  the NKK's directive & ethical guidelines

Kennel Vetterli:

Hildegunn & Svein Erik Fluge & Linda Fluge Rydland

5419 Fitjar



Mail: Post@kennelvetterli.com