Welcome  Misstres vd Eichenkoppel (Millie)

Walking in the creek

Visit at Beddgelrt Wales 2020

Gelert The Irish Wolfhound

Gelert's grave site in Beddgelert Wales

The  memory board at Gelert's grave made by the owner Prince LLywelyn 

The beautiful town of Beddgelert

The old church of Beddgelert

Magh Itah's Altocumulus


Fun on the moor

Little sweetheart


  Vetterli's Chenet

Vetterli's Chivas

Bailys The Bonus

CRUFT 2017


Judge to Irish Wolhound: Pat Pask "Kennel Baronglen"

Random photo :


Need a grooming van? with a trailer attached?

Hum, witch toy can suit my dog?


Alot of visitors from all over the world

Studio 1 are ready for action and guests comments

TV crew all over the place

Beautiful art to enjoy, all for sale

Dog's dog's and more doggy stuff

Passes a ongoing prize ceremony

Drug dog's shows their skills! and nails it!

More nessesarry stuff to buy

Ready for Agility competition

Dance with your dog to classical music

Graceful preformance

BBC camouflaged in star wall

Interview room ready for recording

Back stage the Arena

Awards for agility dogs

Action from Basset Griffon ring

Heat bag for your hound

Vet farmarsy sale

Somewere to put your dog wile you wait your turn

For your garden

Cramped for space

Guide dog stand

Decorative items

Welcome Russian Toy  :

Cristy Pride Donsey Qcote

Born:16.03.2016 Brown & Tan

Breeder; Kristina Zelihovska Riga Latvia



Welcome to our new Russian Toy "Mia"



South Eastern Hound Premier  Show 

Hickstead Showground UK  

Random photos from all breed show











Milano World Dog Show

The presantation of breeds

One happy Whippet owner

A lot of interest for the show

Also big press coveritsh

A Russian Toy beauty

Good movments and handling

Friends celebrating


Thanks to Jane James from "Home Farm B&B" for another great weekend with super service


From national newpaper report

Vetterli's Simon as the big chickens thief.

A very rainy day indeed.

Grooming on the porch

Kennel Vetterli won photography contest 1.pr- & -4 place

Italian greyhound magazine

Article from Kennel Vetterli Norway:




Member of Norwegian Kennel CluB

In our breed we follow  the NKK's directive & ethical guidelines

Kennel Vetterli:

Hildegunn & Svein Erik Fluge & Linda Fluge Rydland

5419 Fitjar



Mail: Post@kennelvetterli.com