Certified Canine Massage Therapist




Massage , give your dog the best !

All dogs can benefit from massage , whether a show dog or a pet / family dog. Generally one can say that massage is just as importan for your dogs well-being as food , hair-care , dental care and the different training methods , both physical and mental.

Massage will help the muscles to stay healty and strong. Massage increases circulation ( blood/lymph) in the dogs body , thereby transporting nutrients and oxygen more quickly through the muscels , and these take up nutrients faster. It also reduced the quantity of stress hormones, decreases muscle tention , and over time, lowering of blood pressure and heart rate and posetive impact on healing.


Animal massage is known from Greece and is about 3000 years old. The Greek philosopher Flavius Arrianus recommended massage for all animals because he belived the animals remained healthy and were more mentally stable. In the 1800s Per Henrik Ling in Sweeden devoloped what we now as classic massage. Dog massage is based in principle  on Lings basic massage techniques.

conditions that can be treated

- Stiffnes as well as joint pain. Stress and nervousness ,

- Arthritis , osteoarthritis

- Poor blood circulation

- Scar tissu and limping

- Digestive Ailments

- As part of rehabilitation after operations ( must be in consultation with a veterinarian )



The following conditions should  NOT be massaged !

- Fever

-Epilepsy as well as shock

- Kidney and liver failure

- Cancer

- Infections

- Inflammations ( can treat non-inflammed areas)

- Acute fractures

- Eczema ( parasites or long-term enzema)

- Acute wounds (can treat other parts of the body)




Something to think about

If the dog is to developed   to a healty and strong  individual it is important to think about the dogs  muscle and  cage construction , they  are  dependent on a certain load factor.

So we should not wait  until the puppy is  full-grown before we exercise them.  

Dogs need gradual exercise from the start, and with it , we will  avoid   repetitive strain injuries that may come later in the dogs life.

This is very important to think about especially  for the larger breeds.

Pictures of : Kennel Tiny Terrors Chihuahua's


Pictures from massage of Irish Wolfhound





No diagnoses

A dog massuse makes no diagnoses. If you are unsure if the dog can get a massage treatment you should have the dog examined by a veterinarian before you book massage therapy.