European Winner 2015  N Uch Mochras Marzipan (BOS)

And this is the reward

Hi everyone, my nick name is "Missy" and this is my life.



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I was imported from England from Liz Thorton's "Mochras Kennel"

Here I am as a young charming Basset hound


Also, I can hear the call of the wild!

Approved hunting certificate

Touring  20.09.2015

I'm breed to hunt for hare! And I love it!!!


In beautiful surroundings

In all kind of terrain

A beautiful morning walkaboat

Get the right smell before hunting begins

And off we go!

Better watch your footing! high drop danger...

In deep valleys

So, into the wild, the whole family!




Not afraid of water


It is also important to check in at the campsite now and then!

This is a fully Basset life!!


My paradise regards hunting, and in winter time?...

But the main thing is... hunt..and more hunt

Ok, watch and learn!

I'm onto something here!

We got it!... yammy-yamm...well? what aboat a taste of my pray!?


Important: After a long hunt, we must rest!

Adieu common sense

I'm also very social


Ok folk's, see you around!!


Member of Norwegian Kennel Club

In our breed we follow  the NKK's directive & ethical guidelines

Kennel Vetterli:

Hildegunn & Svein Erik Fluge & Linda Fluge Rydland

5419 Fitjar