Hildegunn's first dog "King" 1969

King as a junior dog, powerful and elegant


King watching the estate

 Svein Erik-Hildegunn-King & USA Cousin 1973


Rico the guard dog

Rico as a puppy


Centa relaxing in the sun

Centa at the Norwegian dog show


Our sweet Shih Tzu's


 Ruby's puppy's

Lotti helps with the puppy's

Chess Art Devotional David

 Chess Art Eamon

Storm (Son of David)

Yonder & Alice

Hildegunn & Yonder

Alice David & Eamon


Vetterli's Simon

Tingen (Emanatios Cha-Cha)

Lillemann (son of Ting) with his best friend

Gulliagh James Joyce & Westmount Fernet Branca

Vetterlis Tirill (Daughter of Gulliagh James Joyce&Westmount Fernet Branca)

Vetterlis Tirill & Concubar Fauno in playful maiting game

 Vetterlis Tengel (son of Gulliagh James Joyce&Westmount Fernet Branca)

Nemo with son Tengel, daughter Tirill and guide Øyvind

 Gruaghach In Galore "Vesla"

Vetterlis Tim (son of Tirill & Gruaghach Otto)

Vetterlis Simon (Westmount Fernet Branca & Concobar Fauno)


Member of Norwegian Sighthound Club & Norwegian Kennel Club

         Member of  The Irish Wolfhound Club & Irish Wolfhound Society Club

In our breed we follow  the NKK's directive & ethical guidelines


Kennel Vetterli:

Hildegunn & Svein Erik Fluge & Linda Fluge Rydland

5419 Fitjar



Mail: Post@kennelvetterli.com