What's this?

O' my O'my what a scenery!

The hunter with the hunter

Magical Hunter resting

Hi there!

Hunting scills are being tested!

The land far far away!...

My hunting friend Řyvind

Strange smell this is!

Sleeping on Řyvinds lap!

I'm actually in this bag, sleeping! nice!!, it's -1* below, and light rain outside!

Ok folk's, time for a stroll!


Magical Heartbreaker & Magical Hunter training for Nordic Hare hunt

A rabbit's foot is nice to play with

Magical Giant & Magical Hunter

Magical Hunter attacks the hare's foot

Magical Giant is checking the area

Magical Heartbreaker's first meeting with a hare!

Magical Idol sniffing for prey

Gang related business

Much sweet-smelling around here

What was that sound?

Cute I am!

4 males born 16.10.2016

Member of Norwegian Sighthound Club & Norwegian Kennel Club

         Member of  The Irish Wolfhound Club & Irish Wolfhound Society Club

In our breed we follow  the NKK's directive & ethical guidelines

Kennel Vetterli:

Hildegunn & Svein Erik Fluge & Linda Fluge Rydland

5419 Fitjar